The ESF's mission is to  establish and maintain a European federation to promote the interests of surfing in all its forms throughout all countries of Europe to which all recognized national surfing associations/bodies concerned with the sport of surf riding, surfing or its related activities may gain affiliation.
To encourage the formation of national surfing associations/bodies in the individual countries to promote, co-ordinate and control the activities of organized surfing within their own countries
Executive Committee of the European Surfing Federation
The Executive Committee of the European Surfing Federation is as follows:
Period of Office
Carlos Garcia Gomez
2009 - 2011
Vice President
Huw John
2010 - 2014
Technical Director
Rui Felix
2009 - 2011
Secretary General
Karen Walton
2010 - 2014
Individual Elected
Brain MacCarthaigh
2009 - 2011
Jan Groenendijk
2009 - 2011
Xavier Delanne
2010 - 2012