Thursday, 5 November 2009

ETL - BOUZNIKA / MOROCCO - General Informations

ETL 2009
BOUZNIKA 14/15 November
Here are some information about accomodation and transport for the ETL in BOUZNIKA / MOROCCO:


Bouznika is 50 km far from Casablanca

By train, from Casablanca Airport (Mohamed V) : every hour from 6:00 to 22:00

change train at AIN SEBAA station. AIN SEBAA is a terminal station anyway, you have to

wait for about 15mn max for the next train to BOUZNIKA

prices are : Casablanca airport - AIN SEBAA = 60 DH = 6EUR

AIN SEBAA - bouznika : 20 DH = 2 EUR

Also, there are taxis at the airport for direct travel to all destinations.

1) - For hotel, the organizers have booked 4-5 appartments at the hotel center (the only one in

Bouznika). one mn walking to the beach. The capacity of each appartment is 6-7 persons

for the price of 700dh/night (70EUR) for the appartment (not per person).

+ 25dh for breakfast (optional)

+ 90 dinner (optional)

for the persons who are interested, please contact

2) - Mohammedia is a bigger city than Bouznika, 20 mn away by car. There are

a lot of hotels and houses to rent, restaurants and more things to see by night than

bouznika. someone could rent a car and stay in mohammedia.Maybe this option is the good


INSCRIPTIONS - On the beach, Friday 13 November, 18h - 20h

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